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CoreModule 420, 133MHz STPC Atlas CPU, 64MB RAM,Video, Ethernet

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Name Value
Product CM2-420-Q-01
Make Ampro
Base CoreModule 420
Type Single Board Computer
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Name Value
Bus 16-bit PC/104 bus
Ethernet Intel 82551ER 10/100BaseT Ethernet
Keyboard/Mouse PS/2 Interface
Operating temperature 0° to 70°C standard; –40° to +85°C extended
Power Requirements 1.30A @ +5V (64MB RAM, running, fully loaded)
Processor STPC Atlas
Size 90x96 mm (3.6x3.8”)
USB One USB 1.1 Open HCI port
Form Factor EBX
Ethernet Chipset Intel 82551


  • (4) Serial ports, (2) configurable as RS485
  • (8) GPIO pins
  • 10/100BaseT Ethernet Interface
  • 133MHz x86-based STPC Atlas Processor
  • 1MB Flash Memory, 768KB available to user/OEM
  • 2D CRT and TFT Flat Panel Interface
  • 64MB soldered SDRAM
  • Bytewide Socket for DiskOnChip 2000
  • EIDE (2) drive interface (ATAPI including DVD)
  • Floppy Interface on ECP/EPP Parallel Port
  • PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse interfaces
  • Type II CompactFlash Socket
  • USB 1.1 port




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CoreModule™ 420
Ampro Computers, Inc. 5215 Hellyer Ave., Ste. 110, San Jose, CA 95138 Tel. 408.360.0200 Fax 408.360.0222
High-integration PC/104 Single Board System with Onboard Ethernet and Video
The CoreModule™ 420 PC/104 Single Board System is a state-of-the-art, high-integration x86-based computer on a
single PC/104 board with extensive I/O for industrial applications. Based on the STMicroelectronics™ 133MHz STPC®
Atlas processor, the CoreModule 420 provides complete embedded PC functionality, including Ethernet and video
interfaces, normally found on larger boards. Standard features include processor, 64MB soldered SDRAM memory,
four RS232 serial ports (one with RS485 capability), EPP /ECP parallel port, USB port, floppy port and DMA EIDE disk
interface, 10/100BaseT Ethernet and high-resolution 2D video with CRT and TFT flat panel interfaces. The
CoreModule 420 offers two types of solid-state disk interfaces, with a bytewide socket supporting DiskOnChip® 2000
devices as well as a Type II Socket supporting CompactFlash devices. This extraordinary level of integration allows a
single module to serve a wide range of embedded applications.
In spite of its high level of integration, the CoreModule 420 remains fully compliant with the PC/104
Specification. It replaces earlier CPU modules that required two or even three PC/104 cards to provide
equivalent functionality, reducing both package size and the cost of CPU electronics by as much as 50%.
Like all Ampro CoreModule boards, development with the CoreModule 420 is supported by QuickStart
kits, complete Development Systems (including power supply and disk drives) and Board Support
Packages (BSPs) for popular operating systems. Finally, the CoreModule 420 meets the high quality
standards and ruggedized environment, including extended temperature specifications, that you would
expect from the inventor of the PC/104 and EBX standards.
• 133MHz x86-based STPC Atlas Processor
• 64MB soldered SDRAM
• 1MB Flash Memory, 768KB available to
• EIDE (2) drive interface (ATAPI including DVD)
• (4) Serial ports, (2) configurable as RS485
• Floppy Interface on ECP/EPP Parallel Port
• USB 1.1 port
• (8) GPIO pins
• PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse interfaces
• 10/100BaseT Ethernet Interface
• 2D CRT and TFT Flat Panel Interface
• Bytewide Socket for DiskOnChip® 2000
• Type II CompactFlash Socket
C M 4 2 0
Дистрибьютор в России и странах СНГ
MicroMax Computer Intelligence, Inc.
Россия, Москва, улица Азовская, дом 6, корпус 3
Телефон: +7 (095) 310-7666 Факс: +7 (095) 310-2502 E-mail:
• 133MHz STPC Atlas processor (5x86)
• Unified instruction and data cache, 8KB
• Integrated Floating point Unit
• PC/AT compatible System Controllers
• Real Time Clock with CMOS setup; requires external
3.0 - 3.6V battery for backup
• Configuration EEPROM supports batteryless
boot capability
• System and Video BIOS with Ampro extensions
• 100MHz, 3.3V SDRAM
• 64MB SDRAM, 64 bit wide, soldered
• 1MB Flash, 768KB for OEM use
• Bytewide Socket supports DiskOnChip® 2000
bootable flash drive
• Type II CompactFlash Socket
• 16-bit PC/104 bus
• EIDE – Enhanced Synchronous DMA
IDE interface to two drives,ATAPI extensions
including DVD
• Serial –
- Four RS232 ports, two with RS485 and
full modem support
- 16550-compatible with 16 byte FIFOs
- Two ports configurable as RS485
• Parallel – ECP/EPP bidirectional
• Floppy –
- Interface to two drives
- Shares ECP/EPP parallel interface
• USB – One USB 1.1 Open HCI port
• Keyboard /Mouse – PS/2 Interface
• GPIO – Eight general-purpose digital I/O pins
• Speaker – Standard PC speaker with 0.1 watt output
• Ethernet – Intel 82551ER 10/100BaseT Ethernet
• Integrated Controller
• 64-bit single-cycle 100MHz 2D graphics engine
• 4MB UMA Frame Buffer
• TFT support
• Up to 256K colors (18-bit)
• Programmable Flat Panel Support up to
1024x768 resolution
• Supports 4 / 3 and 16 / 9 screen size
• Allows external TMDS transmitter for advanced flat
panel interfaces
• Supports both 3.3V and 5.0V LCD panels
• OS Support – Board Support Packages for popular
Operating Systems – see Web site for
current listings
• BIOS – General Software BIOS with Ampro
embedded PC enhancements
• Size – 90x96 mm (3.6x3.8”)
• Power Requirements – 1.30A @ +5V (64MB RAM,
running, fully loaded)
• Environmental – Operating temperature: 0° to 70°C
standard; –40° to +85°C extended
Software & Development Tools
Video Interface
Network Interface
Bus Interface
C M 4 2 0
NOTICE: The product specifications provided in this data sheet are subject to change without notice. © 2004 Ampro Computers, Inc. All rights reserved. Ampro
is a registered trademark and CoreModule, MiniModule, LittleBoard, Little Board and EnCore are trademarks of Ampro Computers, Inc. All other trademarks and
registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
DS-CM420 5K 0104
CoreModule 420 Functional Diagram
Flash BIOS
Super I/O
Video Interface
Serial Ports
1 & 2
Serial Ports
3 & 4
CM2-420-Q-01 CoreModule 420, 133MHz STPC Atlas CPU,
64MB RAM,Video, Ethernet
CM2-420-K-01 CoreModule 420, QuickStart Kit (CM2-420-Q-
01, Cable Kit, Software, Documentation)
CM2-420-S-01 CoreModule 420 Development System (CM2-
420-Q-01, Software, Documentation,
Development Platform with power supply,
floppy, hard disk drive, CD-ROM, ISA backplane)
CBL-420-W-01 CoreModule 420 Cable Kit


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How readily available is the CM2-420-Q-01?

The CM2-420-Q-01 is no longer being produced, so supply is limited. Here at GID, we are able locate and acquire difficult to find products. The time required to receive the part can vary, with an average of 5-7 business days.

What is the typical price for the CM2-420-Q-01?

Several factors can influence pricing: requirements for delivery, availability of the part, and shipping times. GID Industrial is pleased to offer competitive pricing and the best in customer service. To receive a quote or more information for the CM2-420-Q-01, please contact us today.

What type of warranty does GID Industrial provide? Could I receive a refund?

Here at GID Industrial, full coverage 30-day warranties are inclusive with every purchase. This warranty covers any repairs, returns, or refunds regarding an order, and can be protracted by purchasing an extended warranty.

I'm an international company. Can we still do business together?

Of course! Our customers can be found across the globe. We can ship nearly anywhere in the world.

What are the payment options for purchasing the CM2-420-Q-01?

Wire transfers, company checks, and major credit cards are the main payment options we offer at this time. On request, we also work with escrow companies.

Which carriers handle your shipping?

Typically, we use major carriers, including UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL. If our customer has a particular shipping requirement, we will work with other carriers to ship the product.

Are repair services available from GID Industrial?

If your product needs repairs, we can provide the service. GID oversees a team of qualified engineers who will quickly and efficiently diagnose and repair the CM2-420-Q-01. If you're in need of further repair services, please contact us today.

Is the CM2-420-Q-01 tested prior to shipment?

Absolutely! GID Industrial is equipped with full testing capabilities. We are able to provide a trustworthy diagnosis of the product and include a test report with most orders received.

Can GID assist in managing the lifecycle of CM2-420-Q-01?

Yes, because managing the phases of industrial equipment is our strong suit. We are able to promptly phase out obsolete parts all the while introducing next-generation products.

Is GID Industrial able to assist in moving the excess inventory of obsolete products?

We often work with companies to assist with moving and migrating excess parts and inventory. Often, companies sell off end-of-life product for just its scrap value. Instead, we work to obtain top market value for companies looking to dispose of their excess industrial parts and equipment. GID Industrial has worked with not only the CM2-420-Q-01 but also a wide variety of products.

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